Gazans march on Nahal Oz : A news story never written

This is the news story Jews throughout the world would be reading had Arab rioters succeeded in breaking through the fence at the Gaza border community of Nahal Oz.

Robert Harris

OpEds Gaza border fence (file)
Gaza border fence (file)

Here is the news story that would have been written had Arabs broken through the fence protecting the Nahal Oz border community, that is, had the IDF held its fire as the EU and UN would like it to do.

The author lived at Nahal Oz in 2010.

Dateline: Nahal Oz, southern Israel

Date: May 4, 2018

Headline: Fear of massacre at Nahal Oz after Arabs break down border fence

Fears of a massacre at Kibbutz Nahal Oz in southern Israel spread throughout the country today, after dozens of Arab residents of the Gaza Strip broke through the border fence at the western edge of the kibbutz when IDF soldiers at the fence held their fire. The Arabs rioted throughout the community of 363 residents.

According to an IDF officer who later reached the scene, tens of residents of Nahal Oz were murdered by Artab rioters.

IDF sources also report that soldiers standing guard on an inner road encircling the kibbutz were overwhelmed and believed murdered by rioters. However, a large number of rioters were wounded or killed by these soldiers.

This past Friday marked the sixth week of riots along the border. Israel gave in to the constant barrage of accusations that it is firing at peaceful protesters and ordered the IDF to hold fire.

Sources say that the first members of the kibbutz to be killed were those working in the fields bordering the fence, where Arabs murdered Jewish farmers, as well as the Thai foreign workers long-employed by the kibbutz.

“They swarmed across the border and we were unable to outrun them,” said a kibbutz field worker who survived. “They killed anyone they could catch. It  surprised us, because we expected the IDF to prevent their crossing over.”

Next, according to reports, Arab rioters arrived at the nearby cow sheds, which house some 400 dairy cows. Those Jews working in the sheds were killed by Arabs using pitchforks and other farm tools found in the barns. The Arabs smashed the many computers used in this modern dairy operation and set fire to the barns, killing most of the cows trapped inside their steel pens.

Rioters continued heading towards the center of the kibbutz, reaching the medical clinic, which houses both doctors and dentists. Storming the cliinic, Arabs killed Jews in the waiting room, along with a doctor, a nurse and a receptionist. Before setting the building on fire, drugs were reportedly stolen from a locked cabinet.

On both sides of the clinic are rows of homes of kibbutz members. Witnesses said Arab rioters broke down the door at each home, searching to kill Nahal Oz residents.

Also, some kibbutz members were said to have locked themselves into the bomb shelters in their homes. However, they were not believed to have survived the fires set in their homes by rioters.

Army officials noted that very little looting occurred, as the rioters seemed intent on killing any kibbutz members they discovered, as well as setting every building on fire.

At the center of the kibbutz, rioters set fire to the unused kibbutz dining room, as well as the library and grocery store.

The children’s houses had earlier been evacuated, though they were burned to the ground.

A small number of world leaders have since commented about the massacre.

In Britain, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “I have nothing to say. These events have little to do with our country.”

In the United States, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders issued a statement in which he said, “Considering the grievances the Arabs have against the Israelis, this should not be a surprise. Don’t forget the tens of thousands of Arabs the Israelis have killed in Gaza since they set up their blockade.”

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, released a statement, noting,  “Clearly we need to sit down and find common ground to have a meaningful dialogue with the people of Gaza. We can never have peace until we take the time to hear of their legitimate grievances.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority has not issued a statement. Neither has the EU or any of its member countries.

A Palestinian Authority official, speaking unofficially, said, “Those brothers who were made martyrs today by the occupiers were simply trying to take back the land that our ancestors lived on for thousands of years.”

The Jordan News Agency Petra reported that large crowds gathered in Amman and other cities to celebrate the deaths at Nahal Oz. However, Arab mobs later turned on local police, and Jordanian troops reportedly opened fire on the crowds when they began chanting slogans condemning the ruling Hashemite family. Reporters were later prevented from entering hospitals caring for the dead and wounded.

On Friday evening, IDF soldiers along the border could both hear and see residents of Gaza City shooting rifles into the air in celebration of the massacre of Jews at Nahal Oz. Also, social media showed children celebrating as they held silver platters filled with candy they were handing out to passersby on Gaza streets.

Gaza residents reported seeing western journalists in their flack jackets, hurrying away from the celebrations without photographing or reporting on them.