Get used to it, she says

The BBC on the Manchester massacre: We will never be able to wipe this out.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Police patrol outside the Manchester Arena
Police patrol outside the Manchester Arena
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Hours after the Manchester Massacre, the BBC’s Katty Kay told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that “Europe is getting used to attacks like this.” 

Like what? Like 22 dead, 59 wounded when at the Ariana Grande concert a terrorist set off a homemade bomb. 

He’s been identified as Salman Abedi – a name so typically British, and he is indeed a Brit but whose parents brought him over from Libya.

Ms. Kay, who anchors the USA bureau for the BBC, continued – “They have to [get used to it] because we are never going to be able to wipe this out.”

To American and Israeli ears, that’s Europe Talk and sounds like surrender…and what makes you say WE, Kemosabe?

We have no plans to get used to it, thanks. I guess that’s how we differ. We have it from our Sages that “in a place where there are no men, be a man.”

Well we’ve still got some men around here, like Trump and millions more. Europe, alas, its men seem to have fled in favor of dainty political correctness. They’ve gone soft in the name of shared values and moral equivalence – even as, too often, Islam’s values are not equivalent to our values. They let their women fend for themselves. 

Nothing illustrates that better than the rape epidemic in Rotherham, where hundreds of fathers stormed a police station demanding answers as to why nothing was being done about their daughters getting raped…raped by gangs of Muslims brought over from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

At least those dads are men, but the exception. After that, nothing much doing for the longest time about a rape crisis that’s thought to victimize more than 1,400 British girls. Robert Spencer at his website Jihad Watch documents a number far greater, up to a million, and at places throughout the UK well beyond Rotherham.

For decades the atrocities were hushed up – and why? 1. Because the British were GETTING USED TO IT, apparently.  2. Nobody wanted to snitch and then be accused of bigotry and Islamophobia. So the authorities and even parents and even the BBC let it slide. In fact, the few who complained were often targeted with slurs and with charges that could lead to prison.

We refuse to share their cowardice. We protect our women and children. It’s not even a choice. It’s our culture. That goes for America and Israel alike
So Katty Kay should not be singled out for blame. She is British, after all and all she did was share with us how Europeans think. 

Rather than fight, they think it’s best to submit. That is not America and it is not Israel and maybe that is why they hate us so much. 

We refuse to share their cowardice.

We protect our women and children. It’s not even a choice. It’s our culture. That goes for America and Israel alike. To kowtow is unthinkable.

European culture has decayed beyond recognition, thanks hugely to Angela Merkel who woke up one morning with the notion than Germany needs no borders and neither does the rest of Europe. She sent out an invitation to the Muslim world saying that everybody is welcome, no questions asked – and they came, and keep coming. Among them are the rapists and the terrorists.

Of those, Trump’s plan is better because it’s the exact opposite: “Drive them out, ” as we heard him say just the other day.

The joke is that Merkel has offered the British prime minister, Theresa May, all the help she can give pertaining to Manchester – for a crisis Merkel herself started.

How clueless can you get? The Swedes say that they need the Muslim influx because Sweden (another rape capital) lacks a culture it can call its own.

Therefore it makes sense to import Islamic culture. It makes sense to the Swedes.

In Germany they say that they need more workers, more men to do the heavy lifting. Hence they’re filling up and now they’ve got six million Muslim men (and some women) in the country. That German women are afraid to leave their homes in darkness or in daylight – never mind.

They have gotten used it. We have not and we won’t.

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