The New National Sport: Hareidi-Bashing

Dep. Minister Mickey Levy called hareidi religious Jews "parasites" recently, and apologized. But he was only one example of the incitement in the air. Two hareidi boys were beaten by two guards today for no reason.

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

OpEds הפגנת החרדים נגד חילול קברים
הפגנת החרדים נגד חילול קברים

The Jew as World Parasite

… The German people has recognized that the Jew has crept in like a parasite not only into our people, but into all the peoples of the earth, and that it is attempting to corrupt the original racial characteristics of the peoples in order to destroy them both racially and as states, and thereby rule over them...

We National Socialists believe the Führer when he says that at the end of the battle, unleashed on us as his strongest adversary by the Jewish world parasite, the Jewish race in Europe will be destroyed…

The so-called educated classes mocked and scorned the NSDAP as it began its struggle, particularly when the Führer repeatedly said that the Jew was a parasite. They rejected the Führer’s statement that all of decent humanity suffers today under Jewish parasitism..

When the Führer said that “A man who believes he can come to a satisfactory agreement with parasites is like the tree that thinks it will benefit from concluding an agreement with a medlar,” some found this awkward...

Today, therefore, it is still necessary to reveal the Jew as world parasite, to make him visible, to rightly understand him.

We therefore state:

The Jew is the parasite of humanity. He can be a parasite for an individual person, a social parasite for whole peoples, and the world parasite of humanity…

Jewry is neither a race nor a people nor a religion in our sense of those words. He possesses no homeland, but leads a rootless, parasitic life at the expense of the host peoples.

In Yad Veshem, there is a display of a Hitler Youth board game called “Get the Parasite to Palestine.”

Some Israelis have, reprehensibly, even found in the hareidim retrospective understanding for the Nazis. 'When I see the haredim surrounded by their large families, I understand the Nazis,' wrote sculptor Yigal Tumarkin - a statement that did not prevent him from being honored by Yad Vashem. And Tommy Lapid saw the hareidim as having usurped the traditional Jewish role of 'taking advantage of the gentile, trading in his blood, and laughing at him,' only this time with the secular public in the role of the gentile.

One wonders whether he also sees the secular public in the traditional gentile role of 'avenger' of these outrages.

Jewish avengers are able and ready. A delivery boy cursed and attacked a hareidi man while shouting "Yair Lapid should finish you off". On March 7, 2013 a delivery boy on a motorcycle who was angry at a hareidi man on Shivtei Yisrael Street in Jerusalem, launched a series of curses, after which he physically attacked the hareidi. "You charedim are free eaters, parasites, sucking the state funds."

On a larger scale, in the demonstration against drafting hareidim, students were beaten and choked by the very soldiers which seek to incorporate hareidim into their ranks!

This despicable violence against hareidim is the fruit of incitement, the seeds planted by the late media personality and MK Tommy Lapid.

Tommy Lapid incessantly called the hareidim “parasites” and because Tommy was a holocaust survivor he got away with using Nazi imagery. The party platform of the short-lived Shinui he founded unabashedly bashed hareidim. This legacy was resurrected by his son’s party.

Israel's Deputy Finance Minister called hareidi Orthodox citizens "parasites" during a radio interview and immediately apologized for the comment. Mickey Levy of the Yesh Atid Party said that the haredi Orthodox "should share in the burden, to integrate into the job market, stop being parasites drawing on the Israeli public's resources," during an interview on the Kol Barama haredi radio station.

“I apologize for the word, I’m just saying that it’s not possible to live on the shoulders of the Israel tax payer, of those who pay taxes, those who go to the army, those who serve the state. You are citizens with equal rights, so come be equal in obligations too,” Levy said after the radio host challenged him on his word choice.

Without using the word “parasites” Israel's Finance Minister Yair Lapid, head of the Yesh Atid Party, reiterated the views of his father Tommy Lapid who did incessantly call the hareidim parasites. Yair Lapid does portray them as such, but without using the word.

Hareidim are dehumanized every day, portrayed as an undifferentiated mass of black. In Josef Goebbels' propaganda films images of hassidim dissolved into images of running rats, and today, in Israel, hareidim are once again portrayed as subhuman beasts, breeding like insects.

Lapid told the hareidi Orthodox lawmakers that parents, not the state, should support their children. "No child in the State of Israel should go hungry. The body that is responsible for supporting children is called their parents. When you bring a child into this world, you are the first who is responsible for them. To bring a child into this world is a heavy responsibility,"

Hitler, in 1943, explained to Hungarian head of state Adm. Miklos Horthy that the Jews had to be destroyed because they are like viruses that spread contagious diseases and destroy the body's immunological system. And Kol Ha'ir solemnly interviews an 'expert on contagious diseases' to explain how hareidim spread and threaten all around them. 'Parasite' has become used so frequently in connection with hareidim that the two terms have become virtually synonymous.

The comparison of hareidim to blood-suckers of the secular population is one of the most vicious of Israeli anti-Semitic expressions that replicates Nazi propaganda. When Uri Avnery wrote that “tens of thousands of Yeshiva students are parasites, sucking the blood of the country,”[i] or the writer Haim Be’er’s statement that “they [the hareidim] grew up as do-nothing parasites”,[ii] one could conceivably consider the phrase as allegorical.

But when Shulamit Aloni, former Minister of Education, member of the Knesset and former head of the Meretz political party, says that “the hareidim are leeches...sitting on us like parasites, drinking our blood literally...actually shedding our blood...,”[iii] her statement is plainly a blood-libel even in her own perception, which is why she feels compelled to add “literally” and “actually” to her statement. Perhaps Aloni really doesn’t believe what she is saying, but she nevertheless employs language reminiscent of the “Black Hundreds” and Julius Streicher.

Professor Yitzhak Ginzburg is a “researcher...of the inter-related links existing between parasites and their carriers insofar as diseases are concerned”. In order to strangle the “development of the infectious disease” in its infancy, Ginzburg suggests that “every caring person in our state, that is, the carriers, should oppose...the parasites...who suck the bone-marrow of our country and push it to the edge of the precipice”.

A certain Ze’ev Fabian wrote in the Ha’aretz newspaper how his eyes were opened: “to understand that the Israeli Jews are in the midst...of a war for existence...the take-over of the country by becoming an ugly wave threatening to sink all of us in a new catastrophe...They [the hareidim] do not need a country but a carrier that will feed their parasitism, and when the carrier is enfeebled, or ceases to exist, they will transfer to a new carrier [and this is the essence of] the unholy covenant between extreme nationalism and fanatic orthodoxy.”[iv]

Fabian’s article appeared on the day following the mass terrorist attack in Jerusalem’s Ben-Yehuda Mall and a month after the slaughter in the city’s Mahaneh Yehuda market where twenty people were killed and hundreds injured. One might have expected him, or the editors of the newspaper, to relate to this act of Arab barbarism that is part of the campaign to annihilate the Jewish State.

Ha’aretz did not. At the very moment that volunteers belonging to the hareidi organization, Hesed shel Emet [Grace of Truth], were carrying the shattered bodies of the “victims of peace” to burial, this Israeli anti-Semite quoted Mein Kampf. The editor of Ha'aretz newspaper decided that the most appropriate time to publish an anti-Semitic onslaught was when Jews were burying the dead killed by Arab terrorists.

Television personality Yaron London wrote an article entitled “Israel needs fewer hareidim” with the subheading: ”Instead of drafting hareidim into army, Israel should focus on shrinking ultra- Orthodox population” and he states: “Hasn’t the time come to openly say what we feel? Hareidi society educates people to be parasites and cultivates poverty. Indeed, it is the most powerful agent of spreading ignorance, prejudice and all sorts of other nonsense. It is an enemy of the sciences, shuns the arts, disparages the rule of the people, hates women and exploits them. It despises those who are different, regardless of whether they are foreigners or members of our own people.”

The Nazis conducted a campaign to compare Jews to parasites. “The Jew leech sucking the country’s blood” was a party slogan that was as widespread as “the Jews are our misfortune”. But even the Germans treated the slogan of Jewish parasitism as a metaphor. Among the Nazi elite, only Hitler explicitly spoke of the Jews in the terms used by Ginzburg.[v] When the Hungarian Regent Admiral Horthy visited Berlin in August 1943, Hitler insisted to him that Jews were like germs that cause infectious diseases and damage the immunization system of the body. One must, therefore, strike before danger takes effect and destroys them. The Jews...were always parasites in the body of other nations...their Diaspora is a typical phenomenon of all parasites; they always seek out new sources of nutrition for the race...Wherever it appears, the carrier-nation dies sooner or later.[vi]

White supremacist groups ardently believe these excerpts from “The White Man’s Bible” By Ben Klassen:

Parasites of Civilization.

… Jews have been dreaded and detested parasites on the backs of civilized nations from time immemorial; that they have been thrown out of just about every civilized White nation in the world, not only once, but repeatedly out of the same country, or the same region, or the same city...

We will note that in a number of countries or cities the Jews were run out of (expelled), sometimes as many as five or six times. To the uninitiated this raises the question— how could the Jews be run out of a certain city and then be expelled out of the same city again 20 years later? The answer is that the Jews are like cockroaches. They are the most tenacious race in history and they always come back no matter how many have been killed, expelled, or how much they are detested by their host victims. They always come back, that is, if the city is fertile soil for their parasitic manipulations. We must remember that Jews are parasites, and parasites have to live on others, on a productive body. In the case of Jews their best victim is a thriving White community. For the same reason fleas will infest a dog again and again, or a house has to have pest control treatments every month to keep out cockroaches and other insect pests, so it is with the Jews. They always return to re-infest a productive community...

To show how widespread has been the Jewish infestation over the ages and how universal the hostility against them, we will review the fluid warfare between Jewish infestation and the Gentile attempt to rid themselves of these parasites. Our information is from Jewish sources themselves and due to lack of space represents only a small capsule of the total available…

The above pattern can be repeated in just about every German city, every German state. Wherever the Jews settled they became obnoxious parasites and were driven out time and time again by an outraged populace. But they always returned to sink their tentacles deeper. They learned from their previous mistakes and became more cunning in neutralizing the community they set about to exploit and strangle.

Comparing and contrasting the rhetoric against hareidim with the original leads to one indelible conclusion: Goebbels would be proud.

The use of the word “parasite” is horrific because it triggers the association with the Holocaust and is not an excusable faux pax. Dressing the yassam police in black uniforms to trigger associations with the SS Gestapo is also unpardonable.

Using Nazi imagery trivializes the Holocaust and is an insult to the holy six million innocents.

Israeli soldiers choking Jews is similarly inexcusable.


By Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D.