University of California, Davis campus
University of California, Davis campusGetty Images

Anti-Israel groups have claimed responsibility for arson incidents at the University of California, Berkeley in an online chat room.

In a post on the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) website, a group calling itself Marilyn’s Daughters declared that it had been behind a construction fire on campus, and that it was part of their 'Operation Campus Flood'.

“Phase two of the Escalate movement heats up at UC Berkeley with a construction site set on fire in broad daylight. This was done in retaliation for UCPD’s violent assaults on vulnerable student demonstrators and to punish the University of KKKalifornia system for supporting the genocidal Zionist-Israel entity. This was an autonomous initiative in concert with the current Week of Action currently underway: operation campus flood. The attack was on father's day for all the Palestinian fathers who have lost their children at the hands of the Zionist and AmeriKKKan settler states. Glory to the martyrs,'' the group posted.

Dan Mogulof, assistant vice chancellor of communications and public affairs at UC Berkeley, said that two small fires were set, causing no injuries and minimal damage, and that the university is supporting a police investigation into the incidents.