A group of anti-Israel activists disrupted the singing of the American National Anthem at the Congressional Baseball game in Washington DC yesterday (Wednesday).

At the start of The Star Spangled Banner, the activists in the stands unfurled banners that read, “Free Palestine” and “You’re funding a genocide.” They chanted "Free, free Palestine" and "Congress, Congress, you can't hide! You're funding a genocide!"

In response, the fans who gathered to watch the game at Nationals Park shouted "USA! USA!"

Congressional police escorted the activists away following the conclusion of the national anthem.

The game was later disrupted by another left-wing group. During the second inning, eight activists from the Climate Defiance group ran onto the field, causing the Congressional players to leave it. Police officers tackled the climate activists and removed them as the crowd again chanted "USA! USA!"

The eight who stormed the field are facing federal charges, while the anti-Israel activists were merely forced to leave the stadium.

In 2017, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter the day before the Congressional Baseball Game.