The activity of soldiers in Judea and Samaria
The activity of soldiers in Judea and SamariaIDF spokesperson

Israeli forces arrested the terrorist Anas Shurman from Tulkarm approximately two and a half months ago after he was suspected of being involved in planning a bombing attack in Israel.

In his interrogation by the ISA, it emerged that in December 2023 Shurman was recruited to Hamas by Imad Abid, a Hamas terrorist from Turkey, originally from the West Bank, and agreed to carry out a suicide attack on behalf of Hamas, with an understanding that the target for the attack was inside central Israel.

As preparation for carrying out the attack, Shurman photographed a will, underwent training driving a motorcycle which was supposed to be used to carry out the attack, and received funds and instructions to carry out the attack and collect the explosive device that was hidden in the West Bank.

In the ISA investigation, a powerful shrapnel charge weighing 12 kg was located, which was hidden near a spring in the Samaria region. A letter with instructions for carrying out the attack was found next to the charge.

The terrorist infrastructure of Hamas Turkey
The terrorist infrastructure of Hamas TurkeyPhoto: Shabak

Later, several Hamas terrorists in the West Bank were arrested for ISA interrogation, who were part of a Hamas military network in Nablus. Their interrogations revealed some of their involvement in preparing the charge intended for Shurman and hiding it in the field, under the direction of Hudifa Salamah, a terrorist from the Hamas command in Turkey.

An indictment was filed against Shurman in the military court in Judea for serious security offenses, including attempting to cause death intentionally, contact with the enemy, and membership and activity in an illegal association. In addition, about a week ago indictments were filed against five residents of Nablus including serious security offenses, among them attempting to cause death intentionally.

The found explosive device
The found explosive devicePhoto: Shabak

The investigation reveals the establishment of the Hamas command in Turkey and its involvement in directing bombing attacks within Israeli territories. It also presents Hamas's attempts to escalate and destabilize the area during the last Ramadan month.

It should be noted that during the same week, on 11/3/2024, Israeli forces eliminated a terrorist from Jenin who was on his way to Israeli territory to carry out an attack, with a ready-to-use explosive device on his person.