MK Oded Forer
MK Oded ForerIsrael National News

MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beytenu) spoke to Israel National News on Monday, at the legal conference of the Israel Bar Association, and said that there is no problem with the Supreme Court striking down the law reducing the use of the reasonableness cause because the legislative procedures which led to the approval of the bill were illegitimate, in his opinion.

"In this case, it is impossible to treat a Basic Law like any other Basic Law, because it was enacted like the sewage law of the southern district," Forer claimed.

He expressed support for Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara and said that "there is a very clear statement by the judicial authorities, that by the way, even if you disagree with them, there is a way to conduct a discussion. It is a scandal that this government blocks the expression of an opinion by any professional party. Many times the political echelon does not agree with the professional parties and that’s legitimate. It is inconceivable that the positions of the professionals are not heard at the government table."

Forer blasted the government and said that it "does not work for the citizens of Israel. We are on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, there are price increases of 20 and 30 percent on all basic goods, interest rates are rampant and people are unable to repay mortgages and loans, and the government is dealing with words that are of no interest to any citizen, such as incapacitation and reasonableness - the purpose of which is to allow the government to do as much as it pleases - without limitations."

"Unfortunately, we keep going lower and lower. I foresee a very dramatic crisis, mainly around the Draft Law. There is an attempt here to change the face of the country and it will not succeed. The price the country will pay along the way will be very heavy," he estimated.

On the question about the possibility of establishing a unity government, Forer replied, "We need to establish a broad Zionist and liberal government, put the wheeler-dealers of Shas and United Torah Judaism in the opposition for many, many years."

At the same time, he preferred to claim that Netanyahu made his choice, without providing a clear answer on the possibility of his party joining a broad government.

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