Pride parade
Pride paradeFlash 90

Channel 12 News reports that the organizers of the LGBTQ parade expected to take place on Thursday in Jerusalem appealed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding that he prevent National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir's (Otzma Yehudit) involvement in the parade's security.

"We fear improper conduct in the management of this complex security operation," wrote Alon Shahar and Yonatan Valper from the Open House for Pride and Tolerance in Jerusalem. "He has been against the parade for years, the potential of his improper intervention causes us deep concern."

"The minister was part of the 'animal parades' anti-pride protest, petitioned the court several times to cancel the parade, spoke out against it emphatically, and represented the family member of the murderer Yishai Schlissel," they wrote to Netanyahu. "He is not the right person to supervise the parade and certainly does not inspire confidence and trust among the marchers."

"We turn to you as the Prime Minister of Israel, as someone who has expressed his commitment to the gay community and as someone who is responsible for the performance of the ministers, and ask you to provide your personal supervision of the security operation for the parade. This is to ensure that the parade will pass this year peacefully, without unnecessary provocations, and with respect for the marchers."