HomeshYaron Blustein, TPS

Israel's defense echelon has received information claiming that Homesh residents plan to move their town from its current location to one which sits on State land, without receiving the necessary permits from the IDF.

The land Homesh was built on is now claimed to have been "private Palestinian land." However, the move as planned would essentially be illegal.

According to a report by Galatz, the move is likely to take place in the middle of the night, likely on Saturday night, and the goal is to create facts on the ground, due to concerns that the State will hesitate to normalize Homesh due to international criticism.

Security sources told Galatz, "This is nothing less than underhanded opportunism. The residents of Homesh are trying to take shortcuts, in violation of the law."

Former Ambassador MK Danny Danon (Likud)said, "We are a country of law, and we need to do this in coordination with the IDF. The international community? Let them focus on condemning the acts of terror that we experience here, and not on the possibility that a few people will come and pray in a place where they used to live."

Earlier this month, the IDF Chief of Staff signed an order allowing Jews to visit Homesh.