Car in which Gaza terrorists killed Tali Hatuel and four daughters
Car in which Gaza terrorists killed Tali Hatuel and four daughtersOne Family Fund
David Hatuel was the principal of a middle school, and Tali was a social worker who, as part of her work, also took care of victims of terrorism in the Gaza Strip. She was thirty-four years old when she met her death during the protests by Jews against Ariel Sharon’s plan for withdrawal.

A terrorist squad opened fire on her car from a roadside Arab structure that the Israeli Supreme Court did not allow the IDF to destroy, and Tali died on the spot. Then her four daughters were murdered with a shot to the head at point-blank range. It was an execution.

The people of Gush Katif built a little memorial for Tali Hatuel and her daughters, which tells us: “Hila, the oldest, was sensitive and quiet, and had a good heart. She always spoke wisely, and she had a warm smile. Hadar, the second daughter, was a responsible child. She was creative. She always had an expression of curiosity and a bottomless smile. Roni, the third, loved everything connected to holiness, and showed this in her innocent and pure prayers. Merav, even though she was the youngest, was a born leader. She was full of innocence and grace, energy and happiness.”

Tali was also eight months pregnant with a fifth child. The Calgary Herald in Canada asked, “Why does the world remain silent in the face of the killing of a woman eight months pregnant, and of her four daughters?”

The world's silence was deafening.

But Israel didn't forget and its army has just recently eliminated the terrorist behind this massacre.

David Hatuel, originally from Morocco, went to mourn for his exterminated family in the Kiryat Sanz neighborhood in Netanya. Kiryat Sanz is a living memorial of the Holocaust, where almost all the elderly are people who escaped the Nazi extermination. The late Sanz (Klausenberger) Rebbe lost his wife and 11 children in the Holocaust and found the strength to build Kiryat Sanz in 1958. In spite of so much violence and pain, David has never lost his faith in Israel.

I met him to write my book "A New Shoah". “The Jewish nation has survived things much more terrible than the terrorism and hatred that Israel now faces" Hatuel told me. "We survived thanks to our faith in God and in justice; we survived thanks to our intelligence and our resources. The Jewish nation will survive terrorism. Although the power of our leaders is self-referential, and in spite of the many challenges facing the Jewish nation, we see the existence of the State of Israel as the beginning of the nation’s salvation, and our faith in salvation is unshaken.”

Israel and the Jewish people cannot be defeated.