The protest on Ayalon Highway
The protest on Ayalon HighwayAmir Goldstein

The protesters against the judicial reform in Tel Aviv blocked the Ayalon routes this evening (Saturday night). They lit a fire on the road, uprooted a pole, and placed rocks to block the road with them.

The police have so far arrested 28 protesters at the demonstration. Police are using force, including mounted officers and riot control trucks, to clear the road.

Meanwhile, Sophie Ben-Dor, the daughter of the spy Eli Cohen, spoke at a demonstration in Tel Aviv, "I am the daughter of 'our man in Damascus'. The spy Eli Cohen is my father," she said. "A humble and honest man who risked his life every day so that the State of Israel could exist. He did it at the expense of his personal goals, until the bitter end. I lost him at the age of four and a half for the sake of the State of Israel."

"In the midst of the pain, faith in the country is what kept us going. 75 years later - this meaning has been cracked. I turn to you, Netanyahu, Mister Prime Minister - you have lost your way and the trust of the masses in the nation. You use lies and false promises and apply derogatory names to entire audiences such as 'anarchists' and 'refuseniks', just for the sake of achieving your goals."

Avinadav Begin, the grandson of former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, spoke at a demonstration in Jerusalem and said: "Netanyahu has launched a frontal attack against democracy. A serving Prime Minister is attacking the authority of law. The new Likud is repressing Menachem Begin's way of thought."

The lawyer Yoram Sheftel spoke at the demonstration of supporters of the reform that took place in Or Akiva and called the demonstrators against the judicial reform a "mob". "When the mob shouts democracy over the dictatorship, this is the most striking proof of how wrong it is," he said. "Today we are in the dictatorship of 15 judges and we are going to put an end to it as soon as next week by returning power to the residents of Or Akiva who represent the residents of the State of Israel. We defeated the mob by 700,000 votes. You will not rule us anymore. The people will rule," he added.