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Parashat Vayikra
Presented By: Rav Eli Ozarowski

Written by: Tsvi Levy

In Parashat Vayikra, Rashi quotes a midrash that the Kurban Shelamim, the "Peace" Offering, brings peace to the world and to its participants.


Why does specifically the "Peace" Offering brings peace?

1. The Shelamim offering exerted a special subliminal influence, which created harmony among the various forces within the world.

2. Since all: alter, kohen, the person bringing the korban, partake of the shelamim, it reveals that they are all connected to sanctity.

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Presented By: Avrum Leeder

Written by: Tsvi Levy

The Mishna in Orlah states that when Am Yisrael entered the Land, any fruit trees planted were exempt from Orlah.

Why was it necessary for the Mishna to teach that trees planted prior to Am Yisrael’s entry into the Land are exempt from Orlah?

Since the Land of Israel belonged to Am Yisrael from the time G-d gave it to our forefather Avraham, it was necessary to teach that the prohibition of Orlah started only upon Israel’s entry into the Land.

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