LGBT in soccer
LGBT in socceriStock

LGBTQ in Israel is just too damn white.

The event of last Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) proved, once again, that in Israel gender choice is a trend exclusive to privileged white people.

In America and Western Europe, lgbtq is all the rage.

In South America, Eastern Europe, the Arab World, Africa, India, and Asia, it’s not.

In Tel Aviv, lgbtq is as chic as the latest AI bot.

For the rest of the country, it’s as consumable as a bacon cheeseburger.

Last Saturday night proved it.

Throughout the Israeli premiere soccer league, every team was requested to open their game by wearing a shirt in solidarity with Sodomy.

Teams representing the Tel Aviv Ashkenazi elite all complied. In Be’er Sheva, a non-Jewish player protested. The Arab-Israeli club didn’t participate at all, save for the two Ashkenazi Jews.

To the Davos bourgeoisie, lgbtq is the new normal.

For the rest of us hardworking people – of every race, color, gender, and faith? We want none of it.

But most of us live and let live. However -

You cannot go into Ramallah with a gay pride shirt and expect to come out alive. Even in areas under full Israeli control like, Uhm Al-Fahm, don’t expect to enter with a gay flag and return with your head attached to the rest of you.

Is this racism? No, it is belief.

Try going to my hometown of Afula and parading this form of white privilege. See how far you get among my beautiful Sephardi and Russian brothers who rule the roost over here.

You’re safer in Ramallah.

If you are rich, privileged, and have a proclivity for doing things that turned the greatest water source in the Land of Israel into a salt lake, the only place you have a fighting chance is the capital of white privilege: Tel Aviv.

The Mother of All Hypocrisy

The entire woke movement is all about white people feeling bad for colonial oppression against people of color.

Ironic that even in their apology tour, they are out to subdue the culture, identity, and very spirit of the people they pretend to champion.

If they really cared about people of color, say the African American community right at their doorstep or the Sudanese invaders here in, Tel Aviv, maybe they should abide by their wishes and have nothing to do with this movement.

If they really cared about the “oppressed” nations of Africa, South America, and what they like to call “palestine,” how about giving these people what they want: A world where a rainbow only comes out after a rainy day?

The Jewish People Are Mostly NonWhite

We were born in Israel from Abraham’s family, the first family, which grew up in northern Iraq.

We were incubated, as a nation, in Egypt – the African continent.

We settled in our ancient and eternal homeland in Israel – the heart of the Levant -- for over 1,200 years.

We are not a white nation. We are not commanded white values. What they call pride, in the eyes of our Creator, is a source of shame.

Over half of modern-day Israel is made up of Jews from Africa, India, and the Arab world. One of every three Jews in Israel is either a child or a part of an Ashkenazi married to a Jew of color.

When we received the Torah, we were not white. When we settled the Land of Israel, we were not white. When we composed the Gemara, we were not white.

Today, we, the Jewish People, are not white. Some of us are, but we are the minority.

The values we brought with us most certainly are.

There is no room in Israel for foreign white values that come to us from people of privilege. They are as native to us as pre-processed gefilte fish.

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