Holocaust Survivors (illustrative)
Holocaust Survivors (illustrative)Flash 90

The Abraham Global Peace Initiative (AGPI) has established a social and educational program in Israel for Holocaust survivors.

The Toronto-based Jewish advocacy organization noted that of Israel's estimated 165,000 Holocaust Survivors, roughly one in three lives alone and in poverty.

“For much of their daily social interaction, they rely on Israel's social clubs and nursing homes to supplement their health and welfare,” AGPI said in a release.

The program aims to enhance the daily lives of survivors through its social and educational initiatives.

"After the atrocities they endured, many Holocaust survivors in Israel are living alone and in poverty. As an organization that also promotes Holocaust studies and remembrance, we feel that it's our responsibility to help take care of them,” AGPI CEO Avi Abraham Benlolo said.

AGPI described that part of the initiative is a pilot of a “new innovative interactive music therapy program.”

In so doing, the organization is engaging with survivors, recording their stories and strengthening Holocaust remembrance, Benlolo explained.

Benlolo added that the newly established program has so far achieved positive results and they have received many letters of appreciation.

AGPI’s previous Holocaust-related work includes launching an exhibit in Vancouver, British Columbia honoring the life and legacy of Raoul Wallenberg.