Israel Bar Association head Avi Himi has been accused of sexually harassing a female lawyer by performing an indecent act during a video chat, Channel 13 News reported.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir responded to the report by calling for Himi's resignation.

Ben-Gvir said that the "shocking revelation this evening about the head of the Bar Association, Avi Himi, obligates him to immediately announce his resignation."

"Himi, who has taken on the role of preacher of national morality in recent weeks, needs to do a deep soul-searching with himself - and as a first step, as mentioned, to immediately announce his resignation from his position," the minister added.

The indecent act was allegedly performed in front of a young woman who was seeking Himi's recommendation for a judicial position. Following her request Himi's relationship with her changed and he began to send her personal messages, culminating in the offensive video chat.

Himi, who has been a vocal critic of Justice Minister Yariv Levin's proposed judicial reforms, has denied the allegations against him and stated that they are part of a campaign to slander him for his opposition to the judicial reforms.

"This publication is part of the poison machine of those who work to promote the coup d'état. We are witnessing the dangerous manner in which desperate politicians work to trample anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. I take into account that they will try to hurt me on a personal level and this is a price I will pay with love. Slanders will not stop me. I will continue to act against the regime coup that wants to crush Israeli democracy," he said.

Himi announced last month that in protest against the judicial reforms, he would not run again for the position of head of the Bar Association