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A fan who made a Hitler salute at an Australian soccer match was banned for life on Wednesday, with the sport's governing body saying it had a zero-tolerance for "offensive behavior", AFP reported.

The man, who has not been named publicly, was among a group of supporters at the Australia Cup final in Sydney on Saturday caught on camera making fascist gestures and reportedly chanting far-right Croatian songs, according to the report.

Football Australia said one spectator has been identified and handed a lifetime ban from any future games it sanctions, including national team, A-League and Australia Cup fixtures.

"The conduct in question relates to a fascist salute or similar gesture conducted during the match and captured on the host broadcast," said the governing body, which previously referred to "Hitler salutes."

"Football Australia adopts a zero-tolerance policy to disrespectful and offensive behavior at sanctioned events and will not tolerate behavior that has the potential to offend, insult humiliate, disparage or vilify spectators, players or officials," it added.

Last month, a neo-Nazi group posed in front of Adelaide’s Holocaust Museum and shared the images online, leading to widespread outrage and an inquiry by the South Australian Parliament on banning hate symbols.

Anti-Defamation Commission chair Dvir Abramovich urged South Australia to follow the lead of Victoria and New South Whales in banning the public display of Nazi symbols.

“To violate the sanctity of a Holocaust museum is beyond words and beyond contempt and shows that these Hitler worshippers are willing to cross every red line,” he said.