Jewish Agency headquarters in Jerusalem
Jewish Agency headquarters in Jerusalem Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s branch in Russia has halted all data sharing with the central office in Jerusalem, according to a report Monday by the Jerusalem Post.

Beginning last Wednesday, the report claimed, the Jewish Agency in Russia has ceased to transfer information on Russian citizens who have requested information about immigrating to Israel.

Furthermore, the Agency’s Russia branch is reportedly opening an independent call center, separate from the central Global Center in Jerusalem.

Some 40 employees of the Jewish Agency’s Russia branch have been placed on paid leave, part of what the agency called “a process of reorganization.”

The report comes months after the Kremlin ordered the Jewish Agency to halt its operations in Russia.

Moscow has accused the Jewish Agency of violating the country’s privacy laws by sharing immigration applications submitted by Russian citizens with the central Jewish Agency office in Jerusalem.

Two court hearings have been held in Moscow thus far in connection with the Jewish Agency’s status in Russia, with a third hearing slated for Monday.