Elections Flash90

Today’s: Feature item punctures the claim, that fossil fuels can be phased out and replaced by various forms of renewable energy. It explains the folly of covering the landscape with wind turbines, or energy absorbing solar panels.

The program discusses the implications of producing batteries for electric cars and the economic consequences of phasing out gasoline cars. It shows how Israel can use its natural gas, but suggests not to change its energy production until the great powers have led the way.

Walter: Appeals once more to the right-wing voters, to consider the consequence of lost votes on small parties and explains why for this elections tactical voting supersedes the dictates of the heart.

Also: All about the legacy of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

A scoop: Hear where one can buy Wine with Nazi propaganda labels.

How: Antisemitism pervades every facet of our daily lives.

Hear about: The rotten eggs in our Knesset.

And: more.