Avi Maoz
Avi MaozHezki Baruch

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who heads the Likud party, arrived at the home of Rabbi Zvi Tau, the spiritual leader of the right-wing Noam party, in an attempt to convince Rabbi Tau not to allow the party to run independently in the upcoming elections.

The meeting was held in Rabbi Tau's home in Jerusalem, and attended by Noam chairman MK Avi Maoz.

During the meeting, Netanyahu requested to be allowed to personally explain to Rabbi Tau why Noam should accept the offer of the 11th spot in the Religious Zionism list, instead of running alone.

Early on Wednesday afternoon, it was reported that Rabbi Tau rejected Netanyahu's request.

However, shortly afterwards, Noam announced that it had accepted Religious Zionism's offer and will take the 11th spot on the party's list, instead of running alone.

"Following a lengthy meeting with the party's rabbis, it was decided to accede to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request to join the union in Religious Zionism, in the 11th spot in a technical bloc," the party said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Maoz announced that his party is likely to run alone. According to information which reached Israel National News - Arutz Sheva, there are differences of opinion among Noam members, with some of them supporting an independent run while others support joining Religious Zionism.

If it runs alone, Noam is not expected to pass the electoral threshold.