Merav Michaeli
Merav MichaeliFlash90

A new poll by Panels Politics for Maariv's weekend newspaper showed that if elections were held today, Labor would barely pass the electoral threshold, and Meretz would be the larger of the small leftist parties.

The poll estimated that the Likud party would win 31 Knesset seats, while Yesh Atid would win 25.

Third-largest in the Knesset would be Religious Zionism, with 13 seats, followed by the National Unity party with its 12 seats.

Sephardic-haredi Shas would win eight seats. If the United Torah Judaism party does not split, it is projected to win seven Knesset seats.

The Joint Arab List, if it does not split, is expected to win six Knesset seats. Two parties - Yisrael Beytenu and Meretz - would win five Knesset seats each, while Labor and the United Arab List (Ra'am) would win four seats each.

In this poll, the Zionist Spirit party is not expected to pass the electoral threshold.

Divided into blocs, the Likud-led bloc would win 59 Knesset seats, while the opposing bloc would win 55 seats. The Joint Arab List, which does not typically join any government, would hold the remaining six seats.

When asked who was the most appropriate candidate for prime minister, 43% of respondents named Likud's MK Benjamin Netanyahu, 33% named Yesh Atid's interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid, and just 17% named Defense Minister Benny Gantz of National Unity.

The poll was performed using the Panel4All internet platform, and included 704 participants representative of adult Israelis, both Jews and Arabs. It has an error margin of 3.7%.