Cycling (Illustration)
Cycling (Illustration)pexels

The first bicycle tunnel in Israel will be inaugurated this Friday in Jerusalem. More than two kilometers of underground road have been built for bicycles only. Kan reports that Jerusalem mayor Moshe Lion was the first to ride through the tunnel as part of its inauguration, after more than two years of planning and construction work alongside the Authority for the Development of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Heritage Ministry. The project is estimated to have cost ILS 25 million.

According to an interview with Kan, Moshe Lion explains that the tunnel is 2.1 kilometers long - the fifth longest in the world. Unlike any other tunnel in Israel, it does not include emergency escape doors, which made its construction particularly challenging. The tunnel is equipped with a ventilation system along its entire length.

The mayor hopes that the new tunnel will encourage Jerusalem residents to use bicycles more. "This tunnel will serve to teach bicycle riding to families and children," he commented. "We are building dozens of bicycle paths throughout the city. Until now, cyclists would have to climb up and down the mountain - this tunnel makes cycling accessible for all."

"Combined with the streetcar system and the walking paths throughout the city, this tunnel will be a powerful attraction for Jerusalem. You can already see that all parts of the city's population enjoy cycling. This tunnel isn't a particularly difficult ride, and that will draw people from all over to try it."

"I'm excited to be riding through this tunnel, and I think it's something new and beneficial for all of Jerusalem. '