Scene in Umm al-Fahm where journalist Nidal Agbaria was killed
Scene in Umm al-Fahm where journalist Nidal Agbaria was killedFlash90

An Israeli Arab journalist was shot and killed overnight in the northern Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm.

The victim, 44-year-old Nidal Agbaria, was found in his car in the Israeli Arab city late Sunday night, after having been shot.

MDA emergency first responders were called to the scene, treating Agbaria while evacuating him via ambulance in critical condition to HaEmek Medical Center in Afula.

Shortly after his arrival, doctors at HaEmek declared Agbaria’s death.

Agbaria owned and operated the Bldtna Arabic-language news website, which includes comprehensive coverage of crime and violence in the Arab sector. Prior to his murder, Agbaria reported heavily on Arab crime families, and a series of arrests of members of several such families.

In June 2021, shots were fired at Agbaria’s home, though Agbaria survived the attack unscathed.

Residents gathered at the scene of the shooting, haranguing police, accusing authorities of allowing the crime wave in the Arab sector to continue unchecked.

Reporters joined in the impromptu protest with Yediot Aharanot correspondent Hassan Shaalan shouting at officers: “You should be ashamed of yourselves,” adding,” You come to the scene of the crime to take pictures, without doing anything.”

Like Agbaria, Shaalan has been targeted by gunmen in the past.

In 2021, dozens of shots were fired at Shaalan’s home in Tayibe.

The Ta'al party, headed by Ahmad Tibi, lashed out at police, saying Agbaria had provided authorities with evidence his life was being threatened.

"This was a murder that was waiting to happen. Exactly a year ago, more than 50 bullets were fired at Nidal's house when he was inside with his wife and daughter. The police are aware of the background and they know who was threatening him. Nidal gave the police recordings. - he was threatened and he had to be protected," a source from Ta'al said Monday.