Director General of Education Ministry, Dalit Stauber
Director General of Education Ministry, Dalit StauberEducation Ministry Spokesman's Office

The Director General of the Ministry of Education Dalit Stauber commented on the achievements derived from the negotiations between the Finance Ministry and the Teachers Union.

"We started the discussions in January and this is a significant agreement,” Stauber explained in an interview on Kan Radio Reshet Bet. “There was an evolutionary process whereby all the parties were determined not to give up opening the year with an agreement."

According to her, "Besides the great achievement of improving teaching staff salaries, the agreement contains important principles for improving the education system - there is a significant place for school principals and recognition of their status, there is recognition of the value in promoting excellence in the system and mechanisms for strengthening diligence in the system."

According to what was published, the Finance Ministry, the Ministry of Education, and the Teachers' Union reached a new collective agreement that will remain in place until the beginning of 2027.

Among the agreements reached: a salary increase for teachers starting at NIS 9,000 with additions of at least NIS 1,100 per teacher. Also, a grant of NIS 10,000 will be given after three years in the system. In addition, beginner principals’ salaries will be increased to NIS 19,000.

It was also agreed that the vacation schedule would be changed so that educational institutions would work on the days of Isru Chag ( the day after each of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals in Judaism: Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot), Lag Ba’omer and the Fast of Esther. The days of Isru Chag will be transferred to vacation time between Yom Kippur and Sukkot and teachers would be given two vacation days to choose from.

Along with this, a flexible job compensation basket will be given to the principal, so that outstanding teachers can receive compensation worth between 400 and 1,000 shekels for showing initiative and taking on extra tasks, as well as providing the possibility of personal contracts for experts outside the system.

The agreement will include additional remuneration for specific roles: grade coordinators and second vice-principals, kindergarten directors, school counselors, and kindergarten teachers and principals where special needs children are in their classes.

In addition, the dismissal procedure will be streamlined and the period for obtaining tenure will be extended to three years.

In light of the agreements, the threat of the strike has been averted, the labor dispute will be canceled and the requests for restraining orders will be withdrawn from the High Court. A detailed agreement will be drawn up in the next few days. The Finance Minister announced that the issue of the budgetary source for financing the agreement will be discussed in the government and then the work of drafting the agreement will begin.

In addition, the Finance Ministry announced its intention to extend the school year to July 31st up to the fourth grade.