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A burning body was found dangling from a tree in a Los Angeles park on Tuesday afternoon, according to officials.

The corpse was discovered next to a merry-go-round in Griffith Park, a large municipal green space in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains, the New York Post reported.

Park rangers were alerted by a park visitor who was walking near the Griffith Observatory which is close to the Los Angeles Zoo at approximately 12:30 p.m. The person spotted a tree with a human body on fire hanging from it, police said.

Police were contacted by the park ranger service.

When they arrived at the tree, the person hanging from it was deceased, NBC Los Angeles reported.

The victim has not been identified as of Wednesday morning but the Los Angeles Fire Department said the body was that of a woman.

Officials said that the victim may have regularly visited the park and could have been a homeless person.

Police said they have found no signs of foul play.

“It appears to be self-immolation,” LAPD detective Michael Ventura told ABC7. “This is going to be somebody who brought some gasoline, brought some lighters. They are rare, but we do have cases where people will self-immolate.”