Aryeh Deri and Moshe Gafni
Aryeh Deri and Moshe Gafni Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the Likud party, has been working over the past several days to end the disagreements between the heads of the haredi parties regarding whether they will join a government that Netanyahu does not lead.

According to Israel Hayom, Netanyahu has set up meetings and discussions not just with politicians but also with senior figures in the rabbis' courts and with other influential figures in the haredi community.

Both Netanyahu and his advisers on haredi issues, Natan Eshel and Ze'ev Fleishman, attended the meetings.

According to sources in the Likud who were witness to some of these conversations, Netanyahu and those close to him sound stressed and rushed, and the pressure they exerted on those holding the discussions with them was aggressive.

According to a source in the haredi parties, in some of the instances Netanyahu and his team saw success, with Shas chief Aryeh Deri expressing complete loyalty towards Netanyahu and Agudat Yisrael's new chief, Yitzhak Goldknopf, doing the same.

Agudat Yisrael is one of the two factions in the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party.

The issue, however, is more complex with the Lithuanian-haredi faction of United Torah Judaism, Degel Hatorah, refraining from making such statements.