Park Hotel suicide bombing
Park Hotel suicide bombing Flash 90

Arch Hamas terrorist Abbas al-Sayed, who masterminded the 2002 Park Hotel Passover suicide bombing in which 30 people were murdered and the 2001 Sharon shopping mall terror attack in which 5 people were murdered, has completed his master's degree in regional studies at Al-Quds University and received his graduation certificate, while serving in an Israeli prison for his crimes.

In a statement to the media, al-Sayed's wife said, "Despite the suffering and injustice of the prison and the warden, our prisoners still succeed in bringing children into the world behind bars (through sperm smuggling), in education and in obtaining higher degrees, thanks to their patience, courage, steadfastness and strong will."

She added that her mass-murdering husband graduated with honors, expressing hope that he will complete his doctoral studies after he is released from prison.

Al-Sayed was convicted in 2006 by the Tel Aviv District Court and sentenced to 35 consecutive life sentences for each person killed in the attacks he orchestrated.

Al-Sayed was convicted of sending the suicide bomber who blew himself up at the Park Hotel in Netanya on Seder night in 2002 in which 30 people were killed and 160 were wounded. He also planned and masterminded the suicide bombing at the Sharon Mall in Netanya the year before in which five people were killed and 86 were wounded.