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A Jewish woman who was rescued Tuesday morning from an Arab village arrived safe and well at a safe apartment belonging to the Lehava organization.

The woman arrived with her children from an Arab village near Shechem (Nablus).

"This is a woman who we have been in contact with for a long time," Lehava chair Bentzi Gopstein told Israel National News - Arutz Sheva. "The family turned to the army and said that now is the time when they can get her out. It was a very complex evacuation by the army."

Most of the details cannot yet be shared, but the woman has been trapped in a village under the Palestinian Authority's control, without the ability to leave. After she turned to Lehava and begged for help, Lehava directed her to request help from the IDF."

"The woman was crying for help," Gopstein added. "This was a complex and complicated evacuation, because her family did not want her to leave. The Palestinian father is now fighting for his child."

The woman and her children are now safe in one of Lehava's safe homes, and Gopstein, who at the time of the evacuation was vacationing with his family in northern Israel, has left his vacation in order to meet the woman who was rescued and see to her welfare.