Donald Trump
Donald Trump Reuters

Former President Donald Trump blasted Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy over Republicans not participating in the Jan 6 committee.

Trump labelled McCarthy “very foolish” for the party’s lack of presence at the hearing, which he described as a “bad decision.”

Speaking to radio host Wayne Allyn Root on Sunday, Trump criticized McCarthy for staying away from the committee.

“Unfortunately, a bad decision was made. This committee – it was a bad decision not to have representation on this committee. That was a very, very foolish decision,” Trump said.

Trump accused the hearing of being a “one-sided witch hunt” and lamented that the two GOP Congress members on the hearing’s panel are Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), both of whom voted to impeach Trump and who he has labelled “RINOs.”

“We have no representation on this panel,” Trump said. “We should certainly have some Republicans, real Republicans.”

He added, “We have nobody on that panel who can fight back.”

He expressed anger that the Republican Party’s leadership was not doing more.

“In a way, the Republicans should be ashamed of themselves,” Trump said.

“Well, I think in retrospect, I think it would have been very smart to put [Republicans on the committee] and again, I wasn’t involved in it from a standpoint so I never looked at it too closely. But I think it would have been good if we had representation,” Trump continued.

“I think in retrospect [McCarthy should’ve put Republicans on] to just have a voice. The Republicans don’t have a voice. They don’t even have anything to say.”