Gadi Eizenkot
Gadi Eizenkot Adi Cohen Zedek

Former Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot on Tuesday attended a conference at Reichman University and criticized senior members of the political establishment who openly discuss actions that were taken by the defense establishment outside of Israel’s borders. He directed his criticism mainly at Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who had hinted at Israeli activity against Iranian elements.

"Today there is a great complexity of security challenges and a shaky political reality that greatly influences the decisions of the leaders and even their need to create legitimacy and increase public confidence by publishing actions, and I think this is a very bad phenomenon," Eizenkot argued.

He added, "Israeli citizens see a certain angle of the security incidents, there is a huge depth of security challenges taking place under the radar and a 'shadow war' taking place. And suddenly, we see the publication of actions that have taken place in the past and no one said a word about them, and certainly did not take responsibility for them."

"In practice, those who made public what they did, did so for political purposes, to create public trust and to show that they are not falling asleep at the wheel but rather taking actions to remove threats that hover over the State of Israel," Eizenkot added.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bennett commented for the first time on the thwarting of an Iranian attempt to harm Israelis on Turkish soil.

"These days, we are witnessing attempts to harm Israelis in various destinations abroad. Israel's security forces are doing everything to thwart such attacks, and to neutralize in advance the senders of the terrorists, and the senders of their senders," Bennett said.

He added, "We will not hesitate to use the power of the State of Israel anywhere in the world, for the protection of our citizens."