Why Turkey frightens Europe
Why Turkey frightens Europe

With the weakening of the Kurds in Syria and their imminent fall, the Islamic State will have a corridor directed towards the West.

The neoisolationist United States opened it by announcing its withdrawal, aggressive Turkey opened it wider by bombing the Kurds and pacifist Europe by sucking its thumb, its field of expertise.

Who needs this war? Turkey, Qatar, ISIS, the great poles of political and radical Islam.
Christians in northern Syria are also under attack from Turkey for the first time in a hundred years. In a few days, Turkey's war against the Kurds has caused hundreds of deaths, more than 100,000 displaced people and allowed ISIS members to flee from prisons.

Who needs this war? Turkey, Qatar, ISIS, the great poles of political and radical Islam. Those who have everything to lose are the Kurds, the Syrian Christians, Europe and the West.

When will Europe break the yoke imposed by the Turks?

Here the most saleint reasons why Europe will never do that:

  • The Turks pay very well, Kurds don't.
  • The Turks are the second largest military power of NATO. 
  • The Turks are Europe's fifth commercial partner.
  • 4 million Turkish Muslims live in Germany, and are very loyal to Recep Erdogan.
  • The biggest German companies (Bosch, Siemens, and Mercedes) produce in Turkey.
  • The Turks have their hand on immigration taps in Europe (Brussels paid them 6 billion to close the flows).
  • Europeans have historically been attacked by the Turks (Constantinople, Lepanto, Wien ...)
  • Europeans today are dangerous pacifists, masters of indignation and children when it comes to fighting.
  • The last two Popes have been taken to ask for pardon in Instanbul.\
  • The Turks will be 100 million in twenty years, Europe will be older and dying.

A century ago, the Ottoman Empire was the “sick man of Europe”. Today Turkey is strong and the sick man of Europe is Europe itself. The Kurds have become expendable to Western decadence.