Much has been written about the impact of a possible "disengagement" from Gush Katif and certain northern Shomron communities. We have learned about the displacement that would result from an expulsion of Jews from divinely-ordained Jewish lands. We have read about how the the Israeli government would be conveying upon Arab terrorists a reward and renewed inspiration for further murdering and bludgeoning of Jews.

We have read about how "disengagement" and abandonment of Gush Katif, if it materializes, will spur the day when Kassam missles fall in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Rechovot and more. And we know full well that not one agorah (1/100th of a shekel) has been approved at any level of Israel's government to fund any part of the expulsion.

Please note, my brothers and sisters, that there is not one line item, not one US dollar in any US foreign aid or military aid packages for Israel that covers "disengagement". Nothing for manpower, logistics or reparations to those who would be expelled.

But no one - I repeat, no one - has written or commented about the issue of where, from whom, funds for "expulsion" would come, if, chas v'shalom, funds would ever be approved for this abomination.

"Watch out, baby, who's that? Don't look now, there's a monkey on your back." So sang George Michael a number of years ago.

And so, let this be a warning to taxpayer Yosef Q. Israeli as the Sharon governmental cabinet prepares to vote on funding the "disengagement", or more precisely, the would-be expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and the Shomron.

Let the warning go out regarding the myopic "whatever gets you through the night" mindset of many who view or perceive separation from Gush Katif as part of the "only" solution to a so-called "demographic problem". This "demographic problem" that I've heard about from generation to generation during my lifetime of 56 years never seems to materialize. And let those who bow and offer their fellow Jews as sacrifice to Avodah Zora (idol worship) in Washington know, as they struggle like a drug addict to maintain the expensive Israeli addiction to American foreign aid, that they will pay the piper big time, to the tune of billions of shekels in additional taxes, should expulsion ever take place.

The point is that while Prime Minister Ariel Sharon tries to strong-arm a vote in the cabinet and in the Knesset regarding funding for expulsion and for the Expulsion Committee, so that Chairman Bassi can receive a paycheck for his perfidy, Sharon is very silent and secretive about where the money would come from for the logistics of expulsion and for "compensation" for those who would be expelled.

Therefore, one has no alternative but to make one of two possible assumptions. One assumption is that Sharon will, like Pharaoh of Egypt (who enticed the Jews with a call to "do their national duty" to help build two cities for compensation, only to later renege on the pay, making the Jews abused, beaten and persecuted slaves), retract the payment of compensation while displacing thousands of Jews, leaving them "high and dry".

The second assumption is that "as sure as Hashem made little green apples and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime" - watch out - Yosef Q. Israeli, you will pay the piper, via Uncle Income Tax, for your worship, and that of your government, of the Avodah Zora called "disengagement", and for the blind hatred of some for our Jewish heritage.

"Watch out, baby, who's that? Don't look now, there's a monkey on your back."

Think about it, are you so blind and naive that you are willing to be taken on the biggest

frier's (fool's) trip in history? Not only would Kassams hit S'derot, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva and Rechovot with increased accuracy and regularity, but you will pay the Tax Man for the priviledge of having Kassams crash through your roof or into your backyard or front lawn. How's that prospect feel?

"Watch out, baby, who's that? Don't look now, there's a monkey on your back."

I'm just surprised that my dear friends from Gush Katif, from Jewish Leadership, from Arutz Sheva, from Matot Arim, from the Three Fathers, from Women in Green, etc., have not hammered the Tax Bite point home "big time". The only ones who'll get rich and live high on the hog on the back of your taxes will be the Sharons, the Pereses, and other sleazy Israeli politicians.

It seems to me that since Torah and Jewish land mean little to to a segment of Israelis, when the hard tax reality of this deal threatens to hit close to home to most Israelis - via their pockets, a possible tax bite and that old minus at the bank - the red line of many Israelis will finally be reached. Then, a lot of Israelis will be "mad as hell" and finally get their backs up and do something about their dictatorial government. I just hope that it won't be too late for the communities of Gush Katif and the Shomron, and for all of B'nai Yisrael.

"Watch out, baby, who's that? Don't look now, there's a (tax) monkey on your back."