A social media threat to Ben Gvir
A social media threat to Ben Gvir No credit

Chairman of the Otzma Yehudit party, MK Itamar Ben Gvir is the latest Israeli politician to receive threats to his life, after Prime Minister Bennett was the recipient of multiple threats over the past week.

In a Facebook message, Ben Gvir was sent an image of gun bullets with the inscription: "We will kill you and your family."

Ben Gvir has asked Knesset security to investigate the threat against him and his family, warning that "words can kill."

The MK also pointed out that, "Left-wing politicians fail to condemn threats to right-wingers, only waking up when their lives are on the line."

According to details from the investigation into threats against the Prime Minister, police and the Shin Bet Security Service believe that the person responsible for the death threat is familiar with the daily routine of Bennett's family.

A Channel 13 News report said the threats were explicit and aimed at the prime minister's wife, Gilat, and his eldest son, Yoni Bennett, who is relatively exposed because of his social media presence.

According to the report, the threatening letter read: "We can reach you."