Canadian Jews experienced a record level of antisemitism in 2021, continuing a trend from past years, an annual survey by B’nai Brith Canada found.

For the sixth consecutive year, records were set for antisemitic incidents in the country, with a 7.2 percent increase over 2020, according to the 40th Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents, released on Monday by B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights.

The audit, which tracks and monitors trends in antisemitic hatred, also found that eight antisemitic incidents occurred per day in Canada in 2021, for a total of 2,799 reported cases. For the past four years, incidents have exceeded 2,000.

There was also a 733 percent increase in violent antisemitic incidents compared to 2020.

B’nai Brith said that the most common method of targeting Jews has become online hate, with 2,093 incidents of online hate noted in the audit – an increase of 12.3 percent over 2020.

A significant decrease in antisemitic incidents was experienced by Ontario while Quebec and Western Canadian provinces reported major increases.

“Despite the dismal numbers posted in 2021, there is always hope for improvement,” B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn said. “Better reporting of hate crimes and incidents, better training and resources for police departments to recognize and combat antisemitism, may all make a difference, if achieved.”

B’nai Brith’s League for Human Rights national director Marvin Rotrand added: “Giving higher profile to cases where perpetrators are charged and sentenced, the propagation of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition as well as more funding and resources to combat hatred will also help us turn the tide against antisemitism and help build an inclusive country for all.”

According to B’nai Brith, the Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents is the “authoritative document on anti-Jewish bigotry in Canada, cited regularly by law-enforcement agencies, government bodies and human-rights agencies worldwide.”