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Antisemitic graffiti discovered at an elementary school in Mountain View, California is being investigated as a hate crime.

The Mountain View police department launched the investigation after school officials found two swastikas spray painted on a utility room at Landels Elementary School, according to a statement. Other offensive graffiti was also discovered.

The incident occurred while the school district was on spring break, according to MV-Voice.

"Because of the content of the graffiti, the incident is being investigated as a hate crime," the police said. "Despite an extensive search of the area, we were not able to find any footage that could help us in our investigation, which is why we are reaching out to you."

Investigators are currently looking for additional video footage from the area that could aid them in identifying any suspects.

Mountain View had been dealing with incidents of offensive graffiti at its school for the last year. In February, including several other instances of racist and Nazi graffiti.