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It is with a broken heart and deep sadness that this writer announces the sudden death of a loving brother, Mordecai Zev Dzikansky, z"l, a/k/a Morty, NYPD Homicide Detective, First Grade (Thursday, March 17, 2022, 14 Adar II).

Dubbed 'Terrorist Cop', his heroic and life-saving missions spanned the globe. They ranged from NYC; to Israel; to Russia; to Spain; to Turkey; to Egypt, and beyond. Basically, wherever Islamic jihad reared its head and exploded, Detective Dzikansky, z"l, was called upon to gather Intel and relay it back, post haste, to former NYPD Police Commissioner Kelly, as well as to former Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism, David Cohen, and John Miller, current Commissioner. A synopsis of said heroism was featured at Arutz Sheva, Israel National News, 12/21/21 - used as a piggy-back article, as requested, to the recent rise of another Jewish cop who climbed the ranks of the NYPD to an integral position. No doubt, my brother was a trailblazer.

Officially posted to Israel for several years (2003-2007), he was the "eyes and ears" of the NYPD - after the horrific attacks on September 11, 2001 rocked America and the western world. Due to his stellar ability to quietly gather Intel and navigate within this most dangerous and murky jihadi cesspool, former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly entrusted him with the most highly classified and sensitive assignments. Its main thrust involved analyzing and relaying back active intelligence (in whatever stage of planning uncovered) at warp speed, that is, in order to thwart impending attacks within NYC.

At times, within this and that investigation, active knock-on blows were being prepped for another U.S. city, and, by happenstance, they came into focus. Of course, the proper agencies were immediately notified. Simply, he was on 24/7 call and never failed to deliver. In all honestly, not many can lay claim to said prowess in their respective careers.

Alongside this twisted terrain, time and again, U.S. media got wind of "ready to blow" attacks. For instance:




With too many others to cite, of note, was a featured interview on the widely viewed and highly respected "60 Minutes, Ed Bradley reports", New York (N.Y.). Police Department -- Planning.Terrorism -- New York (State) -- New York -- Prevention..

In tandem, he became an integral part of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT Herzliya), a world-class, respected think tank. His part can be accessed here. And due to the continuously shifting sands within the arena of counterterrorism, the following is worth mentioning: In 2009, Detective Dzikansky, z"l, contributed (with the vetting and approval of NYPD higher-ups) to a major policy paper housed at the Russian Academy of Sciences, ‎National Academy of Sciences, ‎Policy and Global Affairs - Countering Terrorism: Biological Agents, Transportation ... - Page 9 Tellingly, the netherworld he was enmeshed with is never as it seems.

In the spring of 2005, he was honored (during his posting to Israel) for his unsung heroism in keeping the city safe after 9/11. Held at One Police Plaza, former NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, alongside former Mayor Bloomberg - with a dais filled with the city's top leadership - spoke glowingly before an "invite only" audience (with a lovely luncheon that followed) of the many ways in which Detective Morty Dzikansky, z"l, secured the city. Citation upon citation was bestowed. At its base, they wanted to thank him properly for his unprecedented achievements. As his sibling, I felt enormous sisterly pride.

Most recently, when jihad erupted in Coleyville, Texas, no sooner did counterterrorism contacts reach out at this end for this and that, he weighed in with his valued perspective. As always, solicited or not, he gave me much food for thought, and it was reflected within the final analysis. It can be accessed here.

And in a way that only siblings can relate, he thought it was a real hoot that his delicate looking, 5'3 inch sister became steeped in some of the same jihadi muck, teasing, that I "followed" in his 6'3 inch footsteps. Maybe, maybe not. But regardless of "who followed whom", aside from an already tight sibling bond, as adults, we had much in common due to our professional pursuits.

He leaves behind a devoted and heartbroken wife of 30 years; 3 children he affectionately (and often) referred to as his "crowning achievement" (most recently, upon starting their service in the IDF); 3 sisters who "mothered/smothered" him till the end; close extended family (most especially, nephews and nieces he doted on ... when growing up, he was always ready to be the fun, often outrageous, "Uncle Morty"); countless long-held friends, and, in no small measure, colleagues and "brothers and sisters in blue." Throughout his 25-year illustrious career in the dangerous world of policing and counterterrorism, their brotherhood was unbreakable. Over the years, he relayed hair-raising stories of how they (literally) had each other's backs - be it via one hell-scape or another, including, chasing down serial killers one week, or, the next, shadowing Russian and Israeli drug lords running amok throughout the five boroughs.

On a personal level, as his sibling, the hole left in this heart from his passing can never be filled. While many relationships come and go throughout the years, and whatever the familial case may be, a sibling is forever. They are the ones who not only shared your childhood experiences, if lucky, kept your secrets, too. As it happens, my brother was pretty tight-lipped.

May the memory of Mordecai Zev Dzikansky, z"l, serve as a blessing to all those left behind. Finally, may he rest in peace - after all of the horrors he confronted in his lifetime.

He will forever be missed. Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet.