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Israel saw over 500 coronavirus deaths in January alone, and in the past seven days, 279 people died of the virus.

According to journalist Yinon Magal, a source in the burial society said that in the past week, "the freezers for the dead are full all around Israel."

Israel is not the only country to be struggling with its freezer capacity. Last week, after Indiana reported its highest-ever number of COVID-19 hospitalizations two days in a row, Fox 59 reported that Indianapolis' Eskenazi Health ran out of room to store the dead, and was instead using a refrigerated truck.

Just over one year ago, Jewish funeral homes in cities around the US were struggling to keep pace with the COVID-19 deaths.

Amie Gazda, the general manager at Green Acres Mortuary and Cemetery in Scottsdale, Arizona, said at the time that there were "delays in burials." He added, "Hospitals get backlogged and delay releasing the bodies to our care. And there are delays in getting death certificates and burial permits."