Anders Breivik
Anders Breivik

A Norwegian court has rejected an application for parole submitted by Anders Breivik, who was convicted of murdering 77 people in Norway eleven years ago.

Breivik killed eight people with a bomb he placed in a car and later shot and killed another 69 people, mostly teenagers, at a youth camp.

“The risk of violence is real and significant and equal to what it was when [Breivik] was first sentenced,” the district court ruled in a unanimous verdict.

The 42-year-old Breivik has been sentenced to 21 years in prison, which is the maximum penalty under Norwegian law. However, the sentence can be extended indefinitely if he continues to be considered a risk to society.

After serving 10 years of his sentence, Breivik became eligible for applying for parole; he may henceforth apply again every year.