House of the Wannsee Conference
House of the Wannsee Conference iStock

Walter: Explains the background to the January 27 International Holocaust Memorial day. The details of the Wannsee conference and their participants. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Complex was the paradigm, but you will be surprised how many concentration and labor camps there were, in which Jews worked until they were too weak and died.

Hear: What the Russian commander who liberated Auschwitz told Walter.

All: About the indispensable and crucial part played by the German Railway and why without their cooperation the Final Solution could not have happened. Who organized the logistics and how did they calculate the "fare"?

The: Disgraceful hero treatment of Nazi war criminal Werner von Braun and United States morality versus expediency.

World: Opinion suspects that the leadership of the Russian Federation is intent on regaining its historical landmass that was reduced with the collapse of the Soviet Union. What was the history of Russia and will they move once again on the Ukraine, and is Russia friendly Kazakhstan next?

Where: Do we go from here? The era of COVID-19.

The: Antics of the erroneously called "unity government" that is in fact politically polarized to the extreme. Is it too unstable to last, or is it to remain Prime Minister at all costs!

Why: Is that unsavory creature, the Minister who called religious Zionist youth "subhuman" still allowed to publicly repeat those words? Why has he not been at least severely reprimanded by the Knesset Speaker? Is religious Zionism such a thorn in the side of our left wing anti-religious government?

And: Two definitions of "Moral Turpitude" that would keep Netanyahu out of politics.

Plus: Convicted criminal Arieh Derry, the head of the Shas Party, cannot keep his finger out of the till. Is he now out forever?

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