Dr. Itai Pessach, Director of the Children’s Hospital at Sheba Medical Center, on Friday morning explained his support for canceling quarantines for schoolchildren.

"The way in which they monitor the children actively will really help us, maybe even more than the previous system," Dr. Pessach told Galei Tzahal. "At the same time, we are not at a stage where we can really influence the infection rate, because it's at its peak and will begin to drop on its own in the coming days."

About his own hospital, he said, "We have 14 children hospitalized with coronavirus, a relative rise from what we saw a week or two ago, but not numbers that hurt our ability to manage - it adds a burden but the hospital can handle it."

When asked about PIMS, the multi-system inflammatory syndrome sometimes seen in children who recovered from coronavirus, Dr. Pessach said, "This is something very rare. The vast majority of those who developed PIMS in Israel fully recovered."

"Vaccinated children tend to develop the syndrome less, and even when they do develop it - it is milder," he said.