Moshe Gafni
Moshe GafniNoam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson

MK Moshe Gafni from the United Torah Judaism party believes that the political system would be substantially shaken up if Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu signs a plea bargain.

"If Netanyahu signs a plea deal and leaves for a period of several years, there will be no glue that will unite the coalition - and by Pesach we will probably another government and in any case this government will no longer exist," Gafni said in an interview with Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio).

He dismissed an article in Israel Hayom speculating that United Torah Judaism might join the coalition after Netanyahu retires from politics.

"UTJ has no interest in the coalition. It's just speculation and has no journalistic value. We are in this bloc, happy that Netanyahu remains, but even if he does not stay, the bloc remains because it is ideological and not dependent on one person or another. We will not enter another coalition," he said.

"I speak on behalf of the seven members of the United Torah Judaism faction. I do not coordinate with Shas," Gafni concluded.