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The new education outline, as part of which the “traffic light” system will be discontinued and school and kindergarten students will continue to physically study in schools, will take effect on Sunday.

According to the new outline, if a verified case of COVID-19 is discovered in a class, regardless of the percentage of vaccinated students in the class - the students will conduct themselves in accordance with the outline of tests and isolations used in the economy.

Thus, students who have been vaccinated or who have recovered will undergo a home or supervised antigen test and if the test is positive, they will remain in isolation for ten days.

Unvaccinated students will undergo a supervised antigen test - if the test comes positive, they will stay in isolation for 10 days, and if the test comes back negative, they will be in isolation for seven days, subject to a negative test.

It has been further agreed in the new outline that entry into an educational institution for employees and visitors will be approved only if they present a green pass. In addition, an obligation to wear masks in schools will remain in effect, and antigen tests will be performed on students in schools.

In addition, there will be no special outline for non-formal educational activities and trips with accommodation, and the special outline for boarding schools will be abolished.

The new education outline will apply to all educational institutions, and they are: all kindergartens including nurseries, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, institutions of higher education and vocational training, non-formal education and boarding schools.