Ahuva and Rafi Me'oded, parents of Yaniv who was seriously injured in Friday’s accident in the Binyamin region, recalled in a conversation with Kan 11 News how they received the bad news the previous night.

"Usually every Friday, for years, Yaniv calls to wish us Shabbat Shalom," Rafi said.

"This time he did not call, and I said 'it must be because he moved into an apartment on Wednesday so he is stressed.' In the evening, sometime around 7:30-8:00 p.m., the police officer came to us and told us the bitter news."

"He told us, 'Your grandchildren were killed, your son was seriously injured, your daughter-in-law is seriously injured.' He told us what had happened, that an Arab without a driver's license made a U-turn and crashed into them head-on. That’s it, now both of them are on respirators. I do not know what is happening to them," said Me'oded.

Halleli and Tov Re'i Me'oded, aged 6 and 3, were both killed in Friday’s accident and were laid to rest on Saturday night.

The fetus their mother was carrying at the time of the crash did not survive, and was buried together with its older siblings.

Yaniv and Hodaya, the children's parents, are still hospitalized in serious condition, in the Sheba and Tel Hashomer hospitals. Yaniv's condition stabilized somewhat over the weekend, but he is still unconscious and on a respirator.

Yaniv studied in the Elon Moreh yeshiva, and lived in the town with Hodaya for a short time after their marriage. Afterwards, the couple moved to Rehovot, and only several days ago they left Rehovot and moved to Brukhin in Samaria.

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