Bennett with wife, Gilat
Bennett with wife, Gilat Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The Prime Minister's wife, Gilat Bennett, and his children will depart today, Wednesday, for a vacation of several days abroad.

The holiday was planned ahead of time in Mauritius, Africa, but was canceled in light of the decision to define Mauritius as a "red" country.

Following the decision of the Corona Cabinet to leave the skies open to Israelis, the holiday destination was changed in accordance with the updated guidelines.

The Prime Minister's Office stated that "the Bennett family will, of course, follow all the guidelines and rules that apply to Israeli citizens."

Just last Friday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recommended not to fly abroad due to the fear of the new corona strain spreading around the world. At a press conference, Bennett said that "The South African variant is worrying to the extent that after dozens of strains that have been tested here, it has led to the raising of a flag among health experts in Israel and around the world."

"I don't recommend flying abroad at the moment, with such a level of uncertainty," he said, adding that "We will analyze the data over Shabbat, hopefully gain insight, and make significant decisions with the departure of Shabbat. A lockdown, at the moment, is not on the agenda."

MK Israel Katz (Likud) criticized the family's trip and wrote that "after advising Israeli citizens not to fly abroad - Bennett's wife and children take off for a vacation abroad. This is how it is when political lies become the norm and personal example is publicly trampled. The nerve."

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