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An internal employee survey from Facebook that was recently leaked showed that employees at the company, that changed its name to Meta, are increasingly at odds with Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership, with less than 50 percent planning to stay with the company.

According to the report in Business Insider, less than half gave positive responses when asked about their “intent to stay” with Meta.

Most found themselves increasingly unhappy with their direct managers, the twice yearly survey found.

The employee sentiment poll conducted twice annually is known as “Pulse.”

Overall positive responses were provided to a section entitled “what everyone at Facebook thinks about their direct managers.

However, when asked about Facebook as a whole, answers about the company were less than enthusiastic. Only 65 percent of employees rated the company favorably, with staff losing confidence in the firm’s leadership and many not feeling “optimism” or having a negative “personal experience,” with only 61 percent rating that measure positively.

A spokesperson for Facebook told Business Insider: “Feedback is a core part of our culture and we routinely conduct internal surveys among employees so we can learn where we’re doing well or where we need to improve. In areas where we’ve seen declines, we hear our employees, we’re taking their feedback seriously and most importantly taking action.”

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