Shmuel Peleg
Shmuel Peleg Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

The Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday evening rejected the appeal filed by Shmuel Peleg, grandfather of Eitan Biran whose parents were killed in the cable car crash in Italy, and ordered that the child be returned to Italy to his aunt Aya Biran within 15 days.

The court also ruled that until the child is returned to Italy, he will stay with the Peleg family in Israel and that farewell meetings will be held in accordance with the decision of a social worker.

"Although the appellant unlawfully removed the minor, the minor will also be allowed to meet his grandfather in Italy," ruled the judges, who delayed the execution of the decision for a week in order to allow the grandfather to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Eitan is the sole survivor of a cable car crash in Italy which killed 14 people, including both his parents and his two-year-old brother. He was brought to Israel by his grandfather Shmuel Peleg without his guardian aunt's permission.

An arrest warrant has been issued against Peleg in Italy.

Following the ruling, the attorneys of the Biran family from Italy said, "We welcome the ruling. We hope this is the last step before Eitan returns to his family and home in Italy."

The Peleg family said in response, "We can only regret the verdict. Eitan is an Israeli and Jewish child whose late parents would like him to continue to grow, be educated and develop in Israel."

Their attorneys have announced that they will consider appealing to the Supreme Court.