COVID-19 coronavirus antigen test קורונה
COVID-19 coronavirus antigen test קורונה iStock

A coronavirus outbreak in Kfar Yehezkel in northern Israel was sparked by an unvaccinated Capoeira instructor.

The instructor walked around for a week and a half, and came in contact with 93 residents, infecting them all.

He was uncooperative during the epidemiological investigation.

According to Mako, the instructor, who coaches dozens of children, suffered from coronavirus symptoms and took home coronavirus antigen tests.

Mako added that though the test came out positive, the instructor did not update the Health Ministry. Instead, he continued to come to class and coached the children, coming in close contact with them.

In Israel, a person who knowingly spreads an infectious disease is liable to face charges for purposely spreading an infectious disease - a crime which can lead to up to seven years in prison.

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