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New York City police have arrested a woman suspected of sparking a fire outside of a Brooklyn yeshiva, a senior officer said Sunday.

Commissioner Dermot Shea visited the Yeshiva of Flatbush Sunday, days after a woman was spotted pouring gasoline just outside of the yeshiva and setting the fuel ablaze.

A school security guard quickly spotted the fire and extinguished the flames before damage was caused to the building.

During Shea’s visit Sunday he informed yeshiva officials that the suspect has been arrested.

The suspect, who was seen pouring the gasoline out near the yeshiva and setting it on fire last Thursday, has also been linked to previous anti-Semitic incidents in the area. Video footage shows the woman on a previous occasion ranting on a megaphone against Jews.

Police have not released the suspect’s identity, but said she is currently hospitalized and is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.