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Paula and Leon Keshet 12

"Why are we doing a "day without makeup" in the studio today?" Paula Rosenberg, TV anchor asks. "An act never done before on television in Israel? I didn't check the rest of the world."

"Because we are disgusted by the situation that has arisen, because our eyes are no longer able to see people in their natural form in the media."

Paula is a regular TV anchor with her husband Leon for their television show Paula and Leon on Channel Keshet 12. Here she regularly discusses topics such as health, life style, balanced diet, family and relationships.

Paula continues in her statement, "It's cool and it's even fun to put on makeup and get dressed up for meeting people. Obviously. We all do that."

"The problem that has arisen in my opinion in recent years is that we have gone completely out of proportion. The appearance of women in particular, is becoming more and more done up and this is affecting our mental health."

She says, "We aren't coming to say it is forbidden to put on make-up, or to comb your hair. Our message is: 'Hi, take a look, this is what a woman and a man look like and it's cool and it's beautiful even before any changes.'"

"I feel that we are moving away from the connection and respect for our body and appearance. Studies show that it causes a risk of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and even increases the risk of experiencing abuse," Paula further points out.

"Here's an example, see this stunning picture?" asks Paula, showing a standard photo of herself in the studio. "The talented photographer Shai Franco photographed it. Before he pressed the button a talented and wonderful team made sure I looked like this: Avivit did make-up, Ariel styled the hair, Hila did the wardrobe."

"Bar, the assistant photographer, did the lighting and made sure everything was in place. Then Shai the photographer chose the most successful image from a few shots."

"We can wear makeup and comb our hair for fun, just in no way should our self-esteem or body image depend on decorations that hide and smooth over reality."

"We must teach children and youth critical thinking, so that they know how to look at such a picture and know that no one in the world looks like that. Do you have any idea how much stress this causes a girl when everyone around her looks like a poster?"

Paula also commented on the enormous relief she sees on the faces of women in workshops when she shows them the whole process behind the scenes of the beauty industry.

"In this photo I haven't even combed my hair yet, and I think I look great like this as well," she says. "It is important that we can all think this way about ourselves so as not to waste a large part of our lives in self-hatred."
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