Photoshopped image of Temple Mount
Photoshopped image of Temple Mount Facebook

A new meme is going around Facebook, in which people post modified images with Israeli flags on the Temple Mount.

The Jewish Press reports that the trend began when an Israeli named Haim Brosh shared a photoshopped picture of himself holding a flag in front of the Dome of the Rock, under the words "Carry a flag to Zion."

He soon learned that the police did not find the picture amusing, as they detained him for questioning. After Brosh showed them that the image was not real, they let him off with a warning, though it was not clear what he should avoid doing in the future.

Instead, the incident only led to more people imitating Brosh.

As the story spread, more and more people doctored images of the Dome of the Rock and Israeli flags; first people carrying flags and then branching out into video game characters, flag-themed butterflies and more.

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