The confiscated goods
The confiscated goods Spokesperson

In a joint operation, IDF Intelligence together with the Defense Ministry (the national headquarters for fighting economic terrorism) and the Tax Authority (the national center for cargo investigation) foiled an attempt to transfer funds to the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, with the would-be smugglers planning to send Hamas a huge consignment of chocolate bars.

Hamas is known to run a wide range of operations in order to finance its activities, using among other things consignments of food products, including staples, which are sold to Gaza residents. The proceeds of the food sales are then used to fund Hamas’ operations in Gaza.

Israeli security forces have recently stepped up their monitoring and enforcement of imports to Gaza and have been focusing their attention on a number of Arab importers, who have been linked to the terror organization and have been found in violation of the law. They will now be hit with heavy sanctions.

Using intelligence sources, Israel has recently succeeded in foiling a number of attempts to finance terrorist organizations via food imports, confiscating the food items in question after being authorized to do so via an administrative order signed by Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Commenting on the successful operation, Gantz said, “Israel will continue to take action to prevent Hamas from rearming. Hamas continually attempts to boost their military capacities instead of concerning themselves with the welfare of Gaza residents who live in economically straitened conditions. We will continue to pursue sources of terrorist funding, no matter what they may be.”

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